Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Humanitarian Award

The Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Humanitarian of the Year Award is presented annually to those whose lives exemplify the virtues of caring, humanity and good will that were the hallmark of Cardinal Bernardin’s tenure as Archbishop of Chicago.

The 2017 Award Dinner will be held November 11, 2017.

Past recipients (including Cardinal Berardin) that have received the award are:  renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Leonard J. Cerullo, Monsignor Kenneth Velo, automobile dealer and philanthropist Joseph Rizza, State Farm President Vincent J. Trosino, Reverend Richard Fragomeni, Phd., Oscar D’Angelo, Phil Stefani, former State Representative Ralph Capparelli, Joe Ahern, noted surgeon from the University of Illinois Dr. Enrico Benedetti, Robert Mariano and many other distinguished Italian Americans.

In addition, the Women’s Division holds an Impressa Awards luncheon to honor Italian American women who have made significant contributions to their communities such as Allison Rosati, Marie Pinto, Dr. Santina Litturi, Erma Tranter and The Honorable Gloria Coco.